Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The arrival...

I'm at home the runny nose, achy body, headache, etc.

It sucks to be sick in the summer when everyone else is having fun!

Anyway, thought I should catch up on some blogging.

We've been a busy busy it's hard to remember what all has been going on.

I guess I'll back up to the weekend before Father's Day - when this showed up in our neighborhood.

He had that funny grin on his face, you know the one, the please don't be mad look.

I wasn't really mad, because in truth he had told me a few days before that this was coming...I guess I was still just surprised at how it arrived - I mean only the best for the new baby. It sure came in style!

I've told you before the Gibilisco's addiction for anything with wheels.

Well it struck again.....

I stood in the yard and laughed, rolling my eyes as the semi driver opened the back door to see the newest addition of our family.

And out she rolled the 944 Turbo - and yes that be a little Porche my friends.

After meeting Gibilisco I learned it's pronounced porchah, not porche.

And yes, if you know Gibilisco, you know that this is not the first, not the second, but the third porchAH he's owned.

"He's not an addict baby, that's a lie."

Here's Gibilisco viewing his new love.

(I think I'm old news.)


Lindsay said...

Wowsers ... what a beauty!!

For a minute I thought you were moving ... but no ... it's just another car moving into your world :)

I hope you're feeling better !!

mel said...

you were freaking me out there a little with the new arrival.. i think it's time for a date night in that baby tho :)

Jill and Jeffrey said...

I can totally relate. My husband had a mountain bike fetish. It's where every last cent in his account goes ;)