Thursday, April 9, 2009


This morning I read two blogs that made me smile Bales and Tales and Life in the Parsonage. Both were similar entries about how crazy their day was.

I smiled because I needed to hear this - I needed to hear that I'm not the only one that runs around with her head cut off.

Wishing at the end of the day I had enough energy to straighten the kitchen up, put away the laundry that has been sitting folded in our bedroom for days, prepare for the next day or even let out the dog, who seems to prance by the door as soon as I sit my butt on the couch to relax!

But I don't!

By the time the day is done, I'm one worn out momma!

But yesterday, not only was I worn out, I felt like a terrible mom. One of those days were I barely saw my son.... he woke up late and by the time I got to kiss his sweet little head Mike had to wisk him off to grandma's house.

Luckily I got to meet the family for lunch so I saw him for a whole hour at noon, but he was preoccupied by his cousins and the restaurant....he didn't want his momma.

Then, by the time I got home last night he was asleep in bed. I stood over his crib and fought back the tears thinking, he barely even knows his mommy.

This morning I got to work and called my mom. She's heading back to Iowa two days ahead of me, so I wanted to make sure she was set. I told her about my day and just as I was saying it....just as I was hit me!

My mom worked just as much as I do - and I knew my mom growing up. I knew she was always there for me, that she would drop work in a second if I needed her. She is my best friend and to this day we speak daily. My relationship with my mom comforted me and I realized...

that even though our lives are crazy, our children will understand, that we do it all for them. That when they need us we'll be there. They'll grow up learning to work hard because they saw us work hard, they'll grow up loving their children because they learned how to love from us.

And realizing that, makes me feel a little less least for a minute anyway!

So to all you moms, hang in there, the weekend is coming!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

You're so right Shell! They know we love them, even on the crazy days, even when we lose it...they know :)

I needed this today :) It's good to know we're not alone, isn't it!

If you have any down time this weekend when you're back give me a call and I'll find you and hug you and kiss me some of that SUPER SWEET BABY that I haven't met yet :)

Jana said...

Interesting the paralell of your found your Mom just like he will with you.....there's an unconditional bond and he knows you are his one and only Mom!
Thanks for this, it's probably 90% crazy and 10% whatever else in our household and I have to make myself embrace the reading this, I have to remind myself AGAIN, embrace the chaos.
Happy Easter Weekend!

mel said...

even home.. it's the same.. life is crazy!! sometimes i wonder how well i really know my children in the choas of it all!
can't wait to see you!!

Lindsay said...

LOVE this. Printing it to re-read throughout the day today, since I'm back at work and Mack still isn't 100%. It IS so nice to know we are not alone.

I've truly enjoyed getting to {know} you through blog world. You're inspiring and real & full of goodness {I can just tell}.

May your Easter weekend be full of wonderful things that show you more of who and what He is!!

Blessings ~