Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Week in Photos

Last week was busy, so busy I didn't have time to post. But I did get a few photos in. Hopefully I'll have more time this week!

On St. Patrick's Day Isabelle, Cecillia and Marco came to visit Angelo. He loved playing and didn't want to go to bed that night, he loves his little buddies.

On Thursday night it was really nice out. So I raced us home from daycare to go take a run with the baby jogger. Let me tell ya, running four miles on the tread mill is much easier than trying to navigate a baby jogger up a hill with a dog who is afraid of man hole covers! By the end of the jog my knee was aching and Angelo was laying face first on the cup holders snoring. Pierre however was happy - as long as no man hole covers were in sight!

Saturday morning was so nice daddy got to feed Angelo outside.

Then we all went for a ride to the park. Angelo got to wear his baseball hat for the first time, but it was just a little to big.

After all the excitement and fresh air it was time for a nap. Angelo didn't even want to wake up - see below!
After resting, there was more playing to be done with pal Pierre. These two are becoming good friends, aside from the occasional pull of the tail, there are very few arguments.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh what cute pictures!

Pierre must know something about man hole covers that we don't ;)

The Kennedy's said...

Cute pics..looks like you had a nice week and the weather is shaping up! Nice stroller too...looks very familiar :)

Lindsay said...

Just noticed your weight watcher ... YOU GO GIRL!!

Love the pics ... looks like Angelo is getting to experience the best in life :)

Have a GREAT rest of your week! Keep lovin' those boys of yours too :)

melanie said...

aw he is so cute!!! i can't wait to see him at easter!! isabelle is getting so grown up looking!