Monday, March 30, 2009

One Women....Many Cars

Not sure if I've mentioned before that my husband is an auto addict. Anything with wheels, he wants!

Since Angelo's birth, he's had count em', four different trucks! All Toyota's. He becomes obsessed with the deal making of it all and as soon as one is here, he sells it for more than he bought it for and finds another.

So, last Monday the weather was a little crazy here. The tornado sirens were on when I walked out of the office and raced home. Usually Mike and Angelo are there, but the house was quiet, Pierre was asleep on our bed.

All the sudden it started to hail, I looked out the window and saw my husband running down the street. What in the world?

He opened the door and surprise, told me he'd sold his latest truck up at Bucky's Gas Station. He had cash in his hand and had decided to run home. Oh and don't worry Angelo was still at Grandma and Grandpa's - not in the truck!

So fast forward to the end of the week. It's Friday, I'm tying up loose ends at the office before the weekend and I get a call from Mike. He's asking if it's ok if he flies to Denver to get another truck. "He'll drive all night," he says so that he can be with us in the morning.

Knowing he's already got the idea, dead set in his gear headed brain, I say, yeah's fine!

And he did drive all night, got home about 5:30 in the morning. Crazy man!

So now we have this new truck, brand new in fact! Mike says he's gonna keep this one for sixteen years and then give it to Angelo to drive.

Any bets on how long we actually have the truck?

He said if he keeps it that long then he'll buy himself a Porscha (Did I mention he's already had two of those as well. ; ) )

Anyway....I suppose some women would be upset - but a few weeks ago I caught Jay Leno on The View saying,

"Some men have several women and one car, I have several cars and one women." It made me laugh because it reminded me of Mike. And I realized, as long as I'm the only women, I'm fine with the auto addiction!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Love it! And next time we need a vehicle I'm totally making Mike go with us because Ben and I are total suckers!

melanie said...

are he and josh brothers??? :)
great quote.. doesn't it seems that cars run in your fam???

Lindsay said...

Love the last line :) You got a winner on your hands if he can wheel and deal like that :)