Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanu!

Today is Nanu Ross's birthday. We celebrated on Saturday night with a special dinner in his honor. Below is a photo of the chocolate torte I made him. I tried to decorate it with a little birds nest, an idea I got from Martha Stewart, but mine didn't look quite as cute so Mike added the little chick so everyone would know it was supposed to be a nest!

Happy Birthday Ross!

Angelo got his Easter basket early from Nanu and Grandma. He was excited about his hat and new crocs!

He was also excited about Aunt Barb's beaded necklace!


melanie said...

we caaannnn't wait to see that little guy!!! *squeeze*

Rob, Paula, Jeremey & Jaydin said...

I can't believe how much Angelo has grown...he is starting to loose that baby look and looking like a toddler. What a cutie!!