Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tag your husbands!

Last night I was filling out a "tag" deal on facebook. You were suppose to write 25 things about yourself...I was almost finished when, beep everything was deleted. I was so ticked that all my 25 things were gone, I worked really hard to come up with good ones, and Mike of course, was laughing really hard. He'd been making fun of me the whole time! He always does when I'm on the computer, he always says "go, go play your game." The game of course being facebook.

Anyway, I just got back from lunch and it appears my husband "played the game." He so kindly wrote 29 things about me from his prospective. They are so sweet, I just had to share and make you all jealous.

And, this time, instead of tagging all of you....I tag your husbands! Try it out on them, see what they come up with and post it for all of us to read. Tell them if they don't do it, they'll get blogged about! Good luck!

29 Things about me from my husbands point of view...

1. Michelle's drive and diligence in the workplace is second to none and was one of the biggest things that has always attracted me to her.
2. Michelle is a car guy's dream (She knows quite a bit and is always a good sport about looking with me).
3. Michelle hates the Supermarket, but is getting better at dealing with it
4. Michelle Loves Chocolate maybe more than me
5. Our Son's name (Angelo) originated from a deceased Italian immigrant buried in Holy Sepulchre cemetery on 49th Leavenworth St.
6. Michelle and Mike are both only children
7. As a teenager Michelle received 2nd place in the Miss Shell Rock contest and to this day still tells me at least once a week a strategy that she would have changed in order to capture the title
8. Don't ever say that Michelle grew up in the country...she lived in town dammit!
9. Michelle and Marcella her Mother, are best friends and both exhibit the same rock solid work ethics
10. Michelle loves to decorate and takes great pride in her home and yard
11. Our first son was overdue, breech and required a C-section
12. During her C-section Michelle was very tough...No tears
13. Michelle snoops for presents around her B-day and Christmas
14. Michelle has AAA credit
15. Our son's name is Angelo-we call him punky, our dog's name is Pierre-we call him Schnood
16. Michelle can ride a motorcycle and would like to have one soon
17. Michelle designed bags for the NFL, NBA, NHL, WNBA and other pro teams
18. Michelle has to look down to kiss her hubby
19. Michelle needs 36" inseam jeans in order to have them not be floods!
20. Michelle is a Lutheran and Mike is Catholic
21. Michelle and Mike met at The Lund Company
22. Michelle was Mike's assistant!
23. Michelle was required to drink, smoke and carouse as part of her job description at her previous job.
24. Michelle voluntarily left that job!!
25. Our children will have no Aunts or Uncles
26. Michelle and I lost our first pregnancy
27. Michelle was love at first site for Mike
28. Michelle was interviewed at Barrett Jackson collector car auction and told the interviewer that she thought the prices of the cars were at least somewhat driven by the booze and women surrounding the male bidders.
29. Michelle and Mike were engaged in Paris.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Way to go Mike!

The Miss Shell Rock cracks me up to no end! :) And you do know a lot about cars!

What I wanna know is, does Michelle still have her clown collection?!?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Michelle Gibilisco said...

Yes, I still have the clown collection...however I no longer collect! haha! I have the cute ones out here and there and the weird ones are in a box in the basement!

LesleyAnn said...

I agree with Sarah the Miss Shell Rock thing cracks me up!! I can truthfully admit that is one thing I never aspired to be!! HA!

Oh and by the way...since when is the sand pit part of the town of Shell Rock?? Fess up, you did live in the country...

Michelle Gibilisco said...

I know, he got that part wrong...he thinks even in town in Shell Rock is in the country! haha! Which I guess it kind of is! It wasn't that I wanted to be Miss Shell Rock, it's that the question they asked really had me stumped! It was, "If you could put anything in a time capsule what would it be." I always think of better answers! hehe!

Lindsay said...

OH I love this.
What a GREAT way to learn more about you!

Happy Wednesday!

Jill and Jeffrey said...

Aww..that's soo sweet! It almost makes me want to see what my hubby would say. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be as detailed ;)
Loved learning more about you, too!