Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pierre Says...Kiss Me!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Last night Angelo and I were playing together in his room. I was noticing all night that what ever I did with my mouth he copied. If I licked my lips, he would lick his lips. If I made smacking noices, he made smacking noises. It was like Simon Says and he was playing along very well.

The phone rang and I ran out of his room to get it. When I came back in Pierre was standing over Angelo licking his face. Since Angelo had been playing Simon Says with me, I guess he found it neccessary to play it with Pierre as well. Because not only was Pierre licking Angelo...Angelo was licking him back!

Of course I shewed the dog away and didn't get a chance for a photo because I had fallen to the ground laughing...which of course made Angelo laugh too! I'm sure he won't be laughing to hard when I tell him this story later in life!

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