Monday, January 5, 2009

Stir Crazy - A Mental Condition Caused by Prisoners

Angelo has a DOUBLE ear infection and RSV and I've gone STIR CRAZY!!

I was never so happy to go back to work. This was my weekend...

* Nebulizing a child every four hours - picture performing an exorcism on a little demon. How can a four-month-old have so much strength?

* My husband worked Friday night and then helped his friend tile on Saturday and Sunday - so I was alone and frustrated with Punkie (by the way, Punkie has become Angelo's nickname.)

* I wasn't able to leave the house since Punkie couldn't go outside and I was alone. Punkie only took 15 - 30 minute naps at a time.

* At one point on Saturday I thought I could leave to run a few errands only to hear from my hubby that the rain had turned to a slick sheet of ice and people were flying off the streets left and right. Ummm...even though he said I could go, I made the smart move and stayed home...after walking out to get the mail and almost falling over!

* My hubs is adamant about cleaning out all the weird food we have in our fridge and freezer...weird meals...which have actually turned out ok.

* I did an insane amount of laundry.

* I came up with several new home improvement ideas after seeing the same walls for several hours!

* My wonderful mother-in-law called on Sunday to see if we'd like to get out of the house for a bit. "Alleluia!" I moved like the speed of light, throwing jeans on and brushing my hair. I was so happy to purchase a grapevine reindeer on sale at Menards...just to be out for lunch with no threat of a baby breaking into was a wonderful time!

What did I learn over the weekend?

* Babies love to lay beside you while you wash floors and fold laundry - at least I accomplished something!

* Mother-in-laws can come in handy after all! : )

* Menards is like a retail wonderland if you haven't been shopping or out in a few days.

* You can lose weight and save money trying to eat the crud you never wanted to eat, out of the fridge.

* You gain muscle holding down an infant to force the nebulizer on them and it actually works better if they're screaming, they breath more in.

* A sympathetic look from the family dog while the baby is screaming can make your day and make him your new best friend!

* The smile from your sick child as you comfort them is priceless.

* Oh and PATIENCE truly is a VIRTUE!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I love love love this post!

I pretty much relate to ALL of it :)

PS - your layout is fantastic.

Schumacher said...

Um, yeah, I'm not trying to trump you, but I had not left the housefor 10 days!!!!!!, except a 1 hr trip to Target.yeah, crazy!!!! It has been SO cold, & SOOO snowy. How do people make it thru? Seriously, i feel like i'm going to LOOSE MY MIND!!! i am so glad Punkie (what's the story behind the name?) is feeling better!!!!!!!

The Kennedy's said...

Sorry you had a bad weekend! I'll try to send nice warm thoughts your way! Hopefully Angelo is feeling better soon!

Paul said...

Didn't Grandma Weinberg call us punkies? Hope Angelo is feeling better and breathing better.

Lindsay said...

oh goodness ... hope that the weekdays have gone a little better than the weekend - here's to patience & LOVE!