Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh What A Night

So last night I began to explain to Mike everything I had done that night and realized why by the end of each night, I'm completely and utterly exhausted. It goes like this...

  • 5:30ish leave work and walk out in freezing parking lot to car which is freezing
  • Pick up Angelo from daycare/grandma's
  • Drive home with baby who is generally crying
  • Pull in garage, take in baby, gym bag, lunch bag, diaper bag and purse, dump it all in the entryway
  • Run to mail box and some days bring in trash can and recycling bin
  • Throw mail in entry way
  • Let out the barking dog
  • Get baby out of car seat, change his diaper and let him play in his crib for a moment
  • Run down the hall to let the barking dog back in
  • Run to bedroom to take off work clothes and change into something comfy or even pj's (hay, I'm all about cutting out steps)
  • Take diaper bag down to kitchen and dump dirty bottles in the sink
  • Give dog some dog food
  • Go to Punkies room and bring him downstairs to kitchen and try to feed him some sort of solid...last night was carrots
  • Clean up baby
  • Attempt to eat something myself while baby plays
  • Play with Baby and Pierre
  • Get bedtime bottle ready
  • Turn on bath water in bathroom
  • Turn on space heater and humidifier and get pj's ready
  • Give baby bath
  • Yell at dog for trying to pull the baby's towel down the hall
  • Put baby in pj's
  • Give him bedtime bottle while rocking him, try and stay awake myself while doing this
  • Put baby to bed
  • Pick up bathroom from bath time
  • Wash bottles and make new ones for next day and repack diaper bag
  • Wash high chair and put away food etc.
  • Throw in laundry
  • Fold laundry
  • Pack my lunch for next day
  • Read face book and watch TV
  • Go to bed!!!
  • Start all over!

And now I know why I always thought my mother was crazy! : )


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I hear ya! :)

Jill and Jeffrey said...

I can't wait! :)
If its any indication of how fast this pregnancy seems to be going..he'll be helping you out with all of that stuff in no time!

Lindsay said...

Oh goodness ... I'm tired just reading this post!!

You're doing a GREAT job of being a mama, a wife, an employee, a dog owner, a daughter, a friend ... and so much more!!

Hang in there :)