Monday, January 12, 2009

First Friends


Angelo went to play at his friend Ryan's house on Saturday while I got my hair cut. Here is a quick video of the two buddies playing together. By the way Ryan is four months older than Angelo. So nice of Angelo to hit him in the ear!


LesleyAnn said...

When you asked about a monkey being for reminded me of a book my grandma read to me as a little girl, "Caps for Sale". It is a very cute book. Anyways, my monkeys are not for sale, but one may arrive to you by mail!! Love from Iowa!!!

Lindsay said...

how cute!! seriously ... they look like they're ready to cheer the world on :)

melanie said...

aw he is getting so big!!! what a little honey. we do need to get him some texas things.. cause he's been wearing a little too much red:)