Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crazy December

A little Punky Pants color pencil action.

It is always a crazy month but this year it seems wilder than ever! I'm not sure if it's having Angelo in our lives now, or just the month itself.

So far...

- Our Christmas tree has fallen over (after it was decorated).

- Mike started a new full time job working for the county helping to access properties. We are really excited but we had to scurry to find daycare for Angelo...he starts tomorrow. I'll be bawling on my way into the office in the morning.

- My birthday was Tuesday. It was unlike my many wild birthdays celebrating with friends and family. I was a little saulky, realizing my mother duties don't end on my birthday...oh no! Apparently Angelo didn't realize it was my birthday last night when he woke up twice needing to be rocked back to sleep while my mom and Aunt Barb came to visit and bring cards. The good news is I'm already excited for Angelo's first birthday and I'm planning to get a cotton candy machine...can one-years-old's eat cotton candy?

- Angelo has become quite amusing. He laughs and talks almost constantly. Not to mention he's huge! He just turned 16 weeks and weighs 19 pounds the same as many one-year-olds! I'm interested to see what the Dr. says about that in a few weeks!

- A little cardinal flew in front of me yesterday morning. My Grandma Max loved cardinals and my mom and I always think she flies down from Heaven to check on us in the form of a cardinal...I'm sure she was wishing me a happy birthday!

- Our Christmas tree is still not back up!

Below some photos of our WILD month...

Here is Angelo at 16 weeks old! He's wearing the 12 month Husker outfit from Josh and Mel!

Here is Santa's little chubby elf, showing off his kissable little belly. Yes, Santa's elves like to show off their belly buttons too.

The cardinal who came to wish me Happy Birthday!

Our fallen friend and the remnants.
Mike picking up the mess in his pj's!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

HA! I love the one with his chubby belly sticking out!

That's the same size noah was at 4 months :)

Happy 31 Shell...I'm right behind ya.

melanie said...

Happy happy birthday!! I hope that you had a wonderful one!!!
He is so dang cute- even in Nebraska attire...
I think we may miss you at Christmas.. I am freaking out. I have to find a way to see that little man!!!