Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Tree Trials

Last night after Angelo went to bed I tenderly watered our Christmas tree. We got it the day after Thanksgiving and as usual I couldn't wait to decorate it! I put it in front of our windows and it looked so nice from the street and nice inside as well. Last year I spent way to much money buying ornaments with a gold and bronze butterfly theme. Actually all the butterfly's were from the dollar store, but I have many! Anyway, after watering the tree and placing some newly wrapped gifts underneath, I gazed at our beautiful, fragrant smelling, seven foot tree from Menard's and thought, tomorrow I must get a photo of you.

This morning I was getting ready for work. I was trying on different pants (to see what I could now fit into) and Mike, Angelo and Pierre were all laying on the bed. Suddenly, Pierre's ears perked, Angelo's eyes widened and Mike said, "what the *&c% was that?" Meanwhile you could hear plastic bulbs, glass lights and butterflies shattering to the ground.

Yes, my beautiful tree had fallen to the ground taking with it all the beautiful ornaments and lights. The fresh water from the night before poured out over the newly wrapped gifts and my hard wood floors. Ahhh! I was so pissed!

I put the baby in his crib, ran downstairs and starred at the giant mess. We proceeded to clean up everything and throw the tree in the garage. In the course of five minutes we decided the $14.00 dollar tree from Menard's was now going to turn into a faux tree from Menard's.

I had always vowed I would never, never get a faux Christmas tree. For years growing up, this was the only time my family really did anything Christmas together. We'd go out to the tree farm, cut down our tree and then bring her home to decorate. Now, there was plenty of swearing and hollaring each year, and I think I recall one tree being concreted into it's holder...but we always got through it. Now that I'm older and my patience is dwindling by a thread I think I'll throw family traditions out the window and save my Christmas sanity. Now is the time to start new traditions!

So tonight I'll go home to no Christmas tree and wait for the weekend when I'll go pick out my new faux beauty. And I'll definitely take photos once it's decorated!


melanie said...

ok so my story seems so much more immature than yours.. it involved a pregnant insane woman, the middle of the night, tears, and josh returning the tree in the morning in fear loosing his wife. i understand:)

Michelle Gibilisco said...

haha! I'll need more details on that!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

This made me laugh my butt off!!!

Sorry about the tree though :)