Wednesday, November 5, 2008

time to begin

So, Angelo is 11-weeks-old today! As I stood on the scale this morning, I realized it was time to begin working out and eating healthy. I have put it off for to long! When I headed back to work I started to work out over lunch. This hasn't been going to bad, but shoving tiny halloween candy bars in my face is completly counter acting any and all excercise. Time to pick up the pace!

I gained a whooping 40 pounds throughout my pregnancy. That put me, at six-foot-tall, weighing in at 195 the day Angelo was born. This morning I weighed 168 pounds. That means I have 13 pounds left to loose and since I got pregnant during the holiday months I actually had an additional three to five pounds of holiday cookie weight. So I really need to drop 16 pounds. And guess what, here we are quickly approaching cookie time again! Yikes!

So, although this post is embarrasing, I'm leaving no secrets for my blog readers. I begin Weight Watchers tomorrow and I plan to post my weight on my blog weekly for you all to hopefully see my progress! My Weight Watcher program takes me through the holiday season. My goal is to loose ten pounds by New Years Day. Then I'll try to work the last remaining pounds off through January and February.

Here is my list of do's for the remainder of 2008....


1> Work out two - three times a week in the office gym. This will include running at least three miles each week during November and at least five miles during December.

2> Work out at Gold's Gym on Saturday morning by taking a Heat Class.

3> Weigh myself, but only weekly.

4> Eat healthy food options each day. Making sure I've gotten at least something from each food group.

5> Drink at least 32 oz. of water daily.

Ok, I've laid it out. Let me know any tips and suggestions you might have! Wish me luck!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Way to go Shell!

Those dang little candy bars are killing me too.

And I think you look FANTASTIC already my friend ;)

The Kennedy's said...

You look great...and by the sound of your workout, you will have no problem getting to where you want to be. Just remember...your body went through a LOT and that whole carrying and having a baby thing, changes your body. I'm back to my weight, but things still don't fit how they used to. Learn to love your momma body :)

melanie said...

ok so there is a half marathon in des moines in april. yikes. can't believe i just wrote that.
anyway... think about it..?
you are doing awesome!! i gained 60 with just about all of the kids, and still have the last 10 of ailah's.. maybe the 10lbs by the first should be my goal too!!