Thursday, November 6, 2008

seventy eight days old

Sweet baby boy, why must you grow up so fast. Can't you stay like this forever, smiling at every gesture and sound I make? I can't believe how time has already flown by.

Yesterday I received some fun facts about you....

- In 2013 you'll start kindergarten

- You'll be old enough to drive a car in 2024

- And you'll finish high school with the class of 2030!

Last time this year I wasn't even pregnant yet and now you are here, smiling and laughing, eating, sleeping and growing. I'm not ready for 2013 yet. I wish I could magically slow down the clock and take in your every move and sound. And yet I'm so excited to see you grow and learn and become Angelo. You are so special little one, and you bring happiness where ever you go. I love you.


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melanie said...

angelo, you have such an awesome mommy, we can't wait to see you grow too little man!