Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy thanksgiving

Top 10 Thankful List of 2008
10. My Job
With the current state of the economy I'm thankful to have a job I enjoy going to each day.
9. Mike's Job
Mike just got hired as a commercial property accessor with the County!
8. My Mom
Becoming a mother has made me respect and admire my own mother just that much more. She's always a phone call or email away to get me through my crazy days.
7. My Mother-in-Law
Sandy has been a wonderful help with Angelo and she watches him about three days a week. She is a great grandma and I'm so glad she's enjoying spending time with her grandson.
6. The Grandpa's
Isn't it fun to see old men get giddy over their own grandchild. It has been so fun to see both grandpa's go from grumpy to sweet within minutes of seeing their grandson.
5. Pierre
Pierre is our sweet dog and he's been a bit neglected with the new baby. But each morning when he jumps in bed with me I'm so glad to see his smelly face and I'm so glad he's part of our family.
4. My Husband
Although I tease about him often, I'm so glad for my wonderful hubby. He is such a great dad and husband. I really think God created him just for me.
3. Life
I'm so thankful for my wonderful life and the people I share it with. I'm so glad my family is healthy and happy this season.
2. Blogging
Last year at this time I didn't even have a blog, now I have a list of new blog friends as well as others that I can stay in touch with and I love it!
My sweet little turkey. I'm most thankful to have you this holiday season. You seem to make everything more exciting and fun than it's ever been. Happy first thanksgiving!

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melanie said...

he is really changing and growing! what a cute little turkey!! happy thanksgiving to you guys- love you all.