Sunday, November 2, 2008


The best and most fun part of blogger is that it has put me back in touch with my Weinberg side cousins. Since we're all married off, the chances of us getting to see each other at family events are slim. But now that we all have our own blogs we can keep in touch and see what's going on in each others lives!

Above is a photo of me with my cousin Paula who used to babysit me. We would both kill for those tans today! Maybe not the glasses though! Anyway, I found this going through some old things and had to write a post, sorry Paula! Don't worry Jana and Jolyn, I have plenty more where this came from!

Glad to be back in touch with all of you and know that your family's are doing well. Now we just need to get Sharon a blog!


Rob, Paula, Jeremey & Jaydin said...

Oh my, my...Your right, we would love to have those coppertone tans today...however gone are the days of sitting biking to and from the pool and sitting there all day basking in the sun with no worries but, what should we have for a snack. Brings back some great memories!! Glad to have the blog to keep in touch and stay in tune with each others families...I think of you often even though I don't get to see you.
PS. Jana and Jolyn are jealous that you didn't post any of thier fabulous photos from the past. Now we don't want to have that do we?? I think you should make them feel better and and share some of thier photos. HEE!!HEE!

The Kennedy's said...

No jealousy here...nope, not a jealous bone in my body..hehe! LOVE that pic! I'm so glad that we've been able to get back in touch!