Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the crying game

Angelo is a crier...he cries most all the time. He started this at about three weeks old and it's currently in a hightened state. We've called the Dr. numerous times only to find that it might be a little bit of colic or a little acid reflux problem, either way the Dr. says he's very healthy and he should grow out of it soon.

In the mean time we've got to come up with coping mechanisms. Last Saturday he cried on and off for fifteen hours, we thought we were going to loose our minds! The good news is he's been sleeping through the night since he's so upset all day.

However we have found some things that work and have brought the whole family relief. For any of you out there dealing with a colicy/acid reflux baby I offer some sanity with these products and ideas.

1.) The Front-to-Back Baby Carrier.

This is the only true way to stop our babies tears...I did have to eat dinner with him in this last night, but whatever works, right! He seems to love the motion and heat from my body. If you don't feel like this works, go for a walk with the baby in the carrier, it's sure to calm them for a bit.

2.) Sing to baby while on diaper changing pad.

This works almost everytime for my baby. I'm not sure why the changing pad, but I've heard from others that their kids love this spot. So I simply place him on the diaper changing pad, put a CD in with childrens songs and sing away. I can even get a smile out of him sometimes. (Note, this will not work if they're already screaming mad.)

3.) A warm bath.

This also stops the crying quickly that is until you have to get him back out of his bath. I usually turn a space heater on in his room so it's all warmed up when I get him out of the tub.

4.) Swaddle and Shush.

This almost always helps. You may have to hold them very tight in the swaddle while shushing and at times it may feel like they'll never stop squirming and screaming but if you wait it out and hold them tight they'll give in. It may take up to 30 minutes.

5.) The Sleep Sheep.

This thing is awesome! My husband and I can barely fall asleep without it. It plays white noise and you can choose from a womb sound, rain, ocean or whales. Make sure this is turned on when you do the shush and swaddle.

That's it for now. Let me know if you have other ideas. The car ride is usually a sure thing as well. Hopefully the crying game will end soon. I'd love to hear comments on how others made it through this time...and when it ended!


The Kennedy's said...

Jackie had some crying bouts as well. Maybe not quite as long, but it sure seemed like it while we were going through it. She was pretty much only calmed by the swaddle. We had to get her REALLY tight in there and then we'd rock or walk until she'd stop. She seemed to get much better at about 8 weeks. I think that is the normal peak period for crying. It's like thier poor little nervous systems aren't quite developed yet and they just need to get used to thier surroundings Hang in WILL get better!

melanie said...

I like your new header- how cute. I don't know that I had an colicy baby. Maja just had to be in our arms all the time, first born. She's still a cling on!! But have I told you that he is so darn cute??

JanaBanana said...

My friend showed me a massage technique that was helpful.....using lotion, wrap your hands (I used my thumb and forefinger for I have long hands) around the top of their arm and stroke down 10 times, then other arm, do legs from the hip and down, then other leg......then massage tummy in a clockwise rotation......bring the knees up and back and up and back into tummy

another is the football hold their tummy on your arms while shushing....or a warm blanket or towel on tummy....

my neice quieted with the vacuum, it was magical! When it started she stopped, when we stopped the vacuum...she started crying!

Hope any of those will work.....hopefully he'll grow out of it soon!

Jill and Jeffrey said... i'm goingg back to your older posts and feel so much better. thanks for the tips!! Avery's a crier too and looves mommy to hold her to fall asleep,,its a necessity. How long til he slept by himself?
ps..just got the sleep sheep yesterday as a gift! still hafta try it...

Crying Baby Help said...

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