Friday, October 24, 2008

a dog's life

Dear Pierre,
Seeing you in bed this morning made me wish we could trade lives. Napping, eating and playing all responsibilities. You never even take your turn feeding the baby. It's time to become a team player. Come on, I think you need at least one chore! If I didn't love you so much and you weren't so darn cute, well, you'd be in trouble alot more! Like the other day, when you decided to christen my new cheetah print rug from Pottery Barn. And then last night, when you had torn kleenex's up all over the bedroom floor. You're such a stinker! Really Pierre, what possess you to do these things when I let you lay in MY bed all day. I mean, you don't even have a job to help repay for the damages you've caused. Still, I wouldn't trade you for any other dog...not even on your worst day. I guess your just lucky you're part of the Gibilisco crew.