Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedding Weekend

This weekend we went back to Iowa for my cousin Ashley's wedding. This is the wedding I was all worried about because I had to fit into that bridesmaid dress!
Normally when I go to weddings I try to out do the photographer and run around snapping photos, however I didn't have a chance to do that at Ashley's, luckily my good friend Tim Combs from high school was the photographer (see his face in the corner of this shot) since we were in art class together I'm sure he did a great job!
Ashley would make it easy on any photographer as she was a beautiful bride. Congrats to her and new husband Marco.

Here I am with Mike and Angelo in my bridesmaid dress. It was a long trip for Angelo (five hour drive) but he had plenty of cousins and aunts ready to hold him when he arrived.

Here I am with Great Grandpa Bob holding little Angelo (who barely fit into the outfit he was supposed to wear to the wedding. We had to leave the bottom unsnapped. - Of course I mean Angelo, not Grandpa Bob!)

I got this shot of Grandma Sandy holding Angelo both in their pj's. Sandy would die if she knew I put this photo on my blog as she's normally all done up but I thought it was so sweet! Mike's parents Ross and Sandy also drove up for Ashley's wedding. It was there first time to Northeastern Iowa. We stayed at Aunt Barb's house one night and then on to the Ramada in Waterloo.

This is the father-of-the-bride (aka: Uncle Mikey) holding Angelo at the rehersal dinner. Ashley, if you're reading this...I think he's ready for some grandkids!

And the Mother-of-the-Bride - Aunt Lois holding Angelo - as you can see he really liked her!

And here I am in my polka dot dress!

It was a fun weekend and we were glad to show our sweet baby off to the rest of the family! He did really well considering he was passed around to everyone at the reception, there were times I had to track him down and find him! I also got my first slow dance with him. I think he'll be a great dancer someday.
We missed a few family members - Mel and Josh, your family is in our thoughts and prayers, we're so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. Please let us know if there is anything we can do! Love you!

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Shell you look AMAZING!!!! In the strapless and the polka dot the polka dot dress (you must tell me where you got it)

Angelo is so darn cute & Ashley looked beautiful!

What happened to Mel?!?

Love you!