Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Six Weeks Already

Tomorrow Angelo will be six weeks old! I can't believe how fast it has went. This last week we took him to the Dr. because he wouldn't stop crying. He was crying constantly if he was awake. I took him to my mom's last Thursday because I had a horrible migrane. After he cried for five and a half hours my mom said, "Shelli, he shouldn't cry this much!"
So Mike and I took him in and the Dr. gave us medicine for acid reflux. (Thanks to Anonymous, who mentioned this in a comment on my previous post...I think my cousin Paula?) Anyway I have to say it's like having a new baby (but I don't want to jinx myself!) He is much happier and we've actually gotten some smiles and he sits in his bouncy chair to play by himself for almost twenty minutes!! Whoohoo! I can fold the laundry or eat dinner! : )
Above is a photo of Mike and Angelo out in the yard. He loves being outside, unfortunatly those little black bugs are out in full force, bitting away. We can't be outside too long or ouch!

Many of you have asked how Pierre likes Angelo. Funny I was so worried that he'd be the one not to adjust, but he loves the baby! Above is a photo of them together on the couch. Pierre ususally sits close to him like this, it's like he's watching over him. Occationally he tries to lick his face. At night Pierre has now been sleeping in Angelo's room and when he starts to cry he runs down the hall to see if we're coming to get him his bottle. What a good big brother! Also I've learned how to walk Pierre while manuvering the stroller which makes Pierre and Angelo very happy.
I only have a few more weeks left of maternity leave, of course, now that I'm finally figuring everything out. Now we'll have a whole new agenda. We're going to do a test run in a few weeks. I'm going to leave in the morning like I'm heading to work. Really I'll spend the whole day shopping, yahoo! But it will give Mike and Angelo a chance to stay at home together. We'll also give Grandma Sandy a test day with him and I can spend that day doing errands before I head back to the office, which I secretly still miss. I'm sure I'll be missing my baby more when I go back.

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I love that Peirre us sleeping in his room, how cute is that?!?

Love ya!

PS - for the video post, I just used my digital camera...which is probably why I sound like I have a lisp ;)