Monday, August 18, 2008

No Baby Yet

So, no baby yet. It was a long weekend of anticipation and he has decided not to join us yet. After sulking for most of the weekend I decided to look back on the last 40 plus weeks of pregnancy and make a top 10 list of pregnancy moments. So here they are...

1.) The Pregnancy Test - After having a miscarriage last September, Mike and I decided not to try for awhile so we could get past what had happened. While we weren't trying, we were not exactly careful either. Two days after my WILD 30th birthday (invision over 40 people at our house including Santa Claus, karaoke, chocolate fondue, and vodka) I looked at my calendar at work. After a few minutes of thinking about when my last period was, I freaked out! I ran to good ole Walgreens after work and bought the dollar test, after all...I couldn't be, right? The plus sign lit up immediatly right as Mike walked into the door. I started laughing and said, "look what you did to me!"

2.) Telling Work - For some reason I was really paranoid to tell my office I was pregnant. I'd been waiting for the promotion I received a few weeks ago for a long time. I figured once they knew I was pregnant they'd never give me the promotion. I also wanted to make sure that everything was a ok before I told them, so I waited till I was almost 15 weeks along. Luckily everyone was really nice about it, however the whole time I felt like I was giving my resignation!

3.) Comments at Work - These are mostly from the men I work with. They just really don't know what to say or how to say things to a pregnant women. Here's a few of the funny/odd comments I received...

"You're really starting to pop out there, now for the big much weight have you gained!" ~VP of Retention and Aquisition

"Michelle, are you with child?" ~VP of Operations

"Are you pregnant?" ~ AVP of Advertising (This was after my first doctor appt. at eight weeks...of course I lied!)

"Wow, you're huge, you'll be having that thing any day now." ~ VP of Marketing and Communications..i.e. my new boss

4.) Getting Sick - Although I didn't get sick to much, one of the times was very embarrassing! I was on a business trip with the new Chief Marketing Officer at our company. We were on our way to an advertising agency in Kansas City. I was blabbing away, feeling fine when all of the sudden I realized I was gonna puke! Of course we were in the middle of road construction and she couldn't pull over. I had to hang my head out of the window like a dog. Luckily I had pretty good aim. I only got a little in my hair. I felt fine when it was over, just a little embarrased!

5.) My Fathers Face- I went back home early July. My dad was out on the porch when I walked over to his house. He hadn't seen me pregnant yet and his jaw dropped as he watched me walk down the road. It was pretty funny!

6.) Decorating the Nursery - This has been so much fun. I loved every part of it. Mike and I worked on it together and it turned out so cute. I wish I could decorate nursery's for my career! Everything out there is so adorable.

7.) Baby Showers - I loved my baby showers, I got to see so many friends and relatives that I haven't seen for so long. It's so nice to feel the love and see them so excited for the new addition to the family. I was lucky enough to have three, one with all my girl friends in Omaha, one back in Shell Rock with family and friends and a surprise shower from my co-workers.

8.) Birthing Class - Mike and I took this class during July. It was a riot. He didn't really want to go but he was a good sport and kept his smart remarks to a minimum, although it was hard, even for me! The class was helpful, but it's a little over the top. The women who teach it are very into babies, delivery and breast feeding. It would scare any man!

9.) Mental Breakdowns - I haven't had to many till the end. But they're inevitable, all those hormones, nerves. How could you not freak out occationally. I'll never forget these last nights breaking into tears for no reason. Pierre has been really sweet about consoling me. Luckily he's the only one whose witnessed most of my outbreaks!

10.) Sleepless Nights- Everyone has been telling me, just won't get any sleep! So what, I haven't been anyway! I've watched some really funny movies early in the morning...Fatal Attraction and Office Space on repeat were a few up untill the blessed Olympics, thank God for that timing!

So next blog will hopefully be my top 10 list of delivery memories...I'll keep you posted!


melanie said...

What a cute idea!! We are praying for you, he'll be coming soon!! Love yah.

JanaBanana said...

Love the story about how you found out! hee-hee.......

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