Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holy Hormones

Ok, so this week has been a rough one for me. I'm not use to waiting for things. I just go do them! So the longer I wait for baby the crazier I'm getting!

For instance, remember the blog where I discussed my wonderful, sweet cute Mini Cooper S and how I would never get rid of it? Well it's being sold today and Saturday I ordered the above car after seeing three photos of it online! I have been test driving them here, so it's not like I've never driven one. But was still a bold move! It's in FL and will come in a few weeks so I'm car less.

I'm hitching rides with friends to and from work. Yesterday Mike came to my office to pick up the Mini to take it to the dealer auction and I started to cry in the parking lot. I bought the car a few months after we were married, when I was super cute and skinny! As it drove away I felt like everything attractive about me was gone! I had also gone to the Dr. earlier that day where they said there was no change and it didn't appear that he'd be coming into this world on his due date (I'm still hoping we can prove them wrong.) Anyway, it was an emotional day which I pretty much continually cried through, ending it off by watching "P.S. I Love You."

So while I was at the Dr. they had to stretch my cervix...I do not recommend this! I almost shot off the back of the bed! This was supposed to help throw me into labor. It did make me crampy and a little spotty, but other than that, nothing! They wanted to scrape the cervixal membranes but my cervix hasn't even dropped low enough for them to do this...ahh, and I'm supposed to be due Saturday!

After the stretching of the cervix my Dr. asked me to meet him in his office (this means somethings up right!) So I did and he said he wanted to schedule me for an induction on the the 21st in case I don't go into labor before that. So, if baby Gib decides to stay in hiding he'll be shocked into the world!

I'm scheduled for a fetal non-stress test on Wednesday morning. The test involves attaching one belt to the mother’s abdomen to measure fetal heart rate and another belt to measure contractions. Movement, heart rate and “reactivity” of heart rate to movement is measured for 20-30 minutes. If the baby does not move, it does not necessarily indicate that there is a problem; the baby could just be asleep. A nurse may use a small “buzzer” to wake the baby for the remainder of the test. If everything is fine during this test they'll admit me to the hospital for a topical form of the hormone prostaglandin to help my cervix soften, thin, and dilate. I'll wait all night for this to happen.

If this doesn't help throw me into labor on Thursday the Dr. will slowly administer intravenous Pitocin, a synthetic form of the hormone oxytocin, until contractions are well established. Lucky for me, contractions brought on by Pitocin are usually stronger, more regular, and more frequent than those of a labor that has begun naturally. : )

So, keep me in your thoughts and hope for the best this weekend. Hopefully I won't get any other wild ideas while I wait for this baby. The good news is I'm not to scared about any of this any longer, I just want to make sure baby is healthy and get him out!!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

The new car is very cute!

Motherhood does strange things to're not alone :)

You'll be back to your skinny cute self in no time, and this time you'll have a super sweet baby with you :)

Praying he comes out soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of Jana's!! I was induced (cervadil and pit) with both of my sons and it will be ok, no matter how you have to force him out!!! natural, induction or csection!!! (the one thing with inductions to remember is that epidurals are your friend!) Go for lots of long walks this weekend, that helps too!
Good luck!! and cute car!!!

The Kennedy's said...

Now that's what I call some major nesting :) hehe

You'll do great! Can't wait to hear about baby Gib soon!


melanie said...

We are so excited!!! Selfish too, that we are home and can actually hear about it all. Praying for you hon!! Fun car- i think there is room for another at least!! Hehe.