Thursday, August 7, 2008


With only nine days left till my due date I'm feeling some major anxiety! I can't sleep at night because I make myself think I'm going into labor. But alas, nothing! I went to the Dr. yesterday and there was really not much change from the week before. He said he's pretty sure he'll see me again next week.

All was well, baby's heart was beating away, I had only gained a few ounces and my blood pressure was 104/66, can't get much better than that! I thought it would be super high because I feel so worked up inside.

Two days ago I finally started to feel a little braxton hicks but I'd been feeling nothing till then. I went for a long walk last night with Pierre and then I really felt them. However they don't last long.

The scary part is I'm not even sure what to look for and everyone's stories about labor are so different. My mom had the whole back labor thing. She said she never really felt contractions, just intense pain in her back. I wonder if I'll be that way? How about everyone else? I'm really into hearing the stories right now. For some reason they help calm me down!

I'm also beginning to nest. I've went through every drawer, cabinet and closet on the first two floors and I'm moving to the final floor tonight. I'm like a mad women organizing and throwing stuff out. I have a large box for Goodwill so at least someone will gain from my crazyness.

A few have already lost on the baby due date, even though I wish their guesses would have been correct! I'm such a planner, it's getting hard for me not to know when this baby is coming! I guess this is the first of many of my quirks I'll need to adjust. Below are due date guesses in order. Hopefully one will be correct soon!!

8.3.08 - Great Aunt Barb
8.4.08 1:00 a.m. - Grandpa Dave
8.7.08, 11:49 p.m. - Shannon Y.
8.8.08 at 8:08 a.m. - Bobby B
8.8.08 - Grandma Cella
8.9.08 - Nanu Ross
8.10.08 - Friend Tim
8.14.08 - Cousin Jolyn
8.15.08 - Grandma Sandy
8.16.08 - Cousin Kerri
8.16.08 5:44 a.m.- Cousin Mel
8.18.08 - Billy B
8.18.08 - Friend Sarah
8.18.08 - Great Aunt Lois
8.18.08 - Cousin Ashley
8.19.08 8 a.m. - Cousin Jana
8.20.08, 5:45 p.m. - Emily T.

How many of you were on your due dates, past them, or early?


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I felt anxiety every single pregnancy! And each labor/delivery was totally different.

I used to sit and listen to everyones birth stories too. For some reason, if they were really bad, it made me feel better because they survived :)

When you're in'll know. It will go from subtle to not subtle and you'll know!

Praying for you in these last few days, shell!

blessedwith5 said...

I am not much help . . . my pregnancy with Katelyn (now 15) started at 33 weeks and 5 days and ended at 34 weeks with the birth of my precious baby girl.

I have to agree with Sarah though - you will know when you are in labor!

The Kennedy's said...

You are almost there!! I remember all the sleepless nights before Jackie was born. I decided it was just God's way of preparing me for after she was born. Keep hanging in there! Jolyn

JanaBanana said...

I hope you don't go 12 days over, like I did with #1...I cried everyday thinking he was going to come...had to be induced...had to be induced with #2 too....sometimes I think they like to camp out in there....but sooner or later, they'll come!