Monday, August 11, 2008


Here I am with five days left. I'm ready to pop! Looking at the picture I think my belly looks like a balloon, how do they even get like that! Crazy!

I can't wait to meet the prize inside! Hopefully soon. Although it still seems like nothing is going on, just a little twinge here and there.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

You're adorable! Hopefully little Giblet decideds to come soon! :)

JanaBanana said...

You are glowing and look beautiful!You look like you are all baby.... He'll be worth the wait and (weight)although it looks like you won't have much to lose.
Prayers and thoughts,

melanie schumacher said...

How exciting!!!! I know how you feel!!!! I was having panic attacks before Sophia- the whole thing being so out of my control! I was still going to work a week after the due date!!! I was so sick of everyone saying "you're still here" & giving me odd advice: things to try to get that baby out. agh!
I never went into labor with either of the babes, had c-sections before labor started. so I can't help by sharing a "labor" story. I just think my girls had to show me who was in control & it's been a battle of wills ever since hee hee You will be just fine & I can't wait to meet him!!!!! Take care & I am thinking of you!!!!!