Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What is it that you do?

When I was growing up, and even sometimes now, my mom would get upset because she worked alot of hours, had a good job, and no one really understood what she did.

I never thought it was a big deal, in fact I myself didn't really understand what she did. Even now I can give you an explanation of her job but I don't know hard details. I never understood why it bothered her, until now.

Last weekend while back home, a few relatives asked, "What is it that you do Shelli?" I would start to go into my long drawn out explanation until I saw their eyes glaze over and I would say, "umm I do marketing."

So, on the way home I was thinking of my explanation and I realized, it's not rocket science, I just need a better way to describe what I do. So here's a little simplified break down, just in case you care...

Company - I work for an insurance company - name, unimportant as most people have not heard of us.

Type of Insurance - We offer supplemental income products as well as dept protection products. Up until a few months ago we only sold them directly though other businesses (b2b), which is why no one has heard of us.

What happened a few months ago? - We hired a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to help us take our supplemental income products direct to consumer (DTC).

What is supplemental income protection? - Basically you pay a monthly premium until a certain unexpected life event happens and you are unable to work. You then file a claim and receive cash payments from our company directly to you. We cover unemployment, family leave, disability, accidental death and we're working on a Sr. Life product as well.

What is your role? - I currently work with the CMO and the VP of Advertising and Communications as a project manager to help role out a marketing plan for our DTC launch. This means working with an advertising agency to create a new logo, new website and other media such as commercials, radio spots and banner ads on websites.

So instead of the graphic design work I've done in the past I create project timelines, maintain proofs, review the future rate of income (ROI), research customer paths through websites, analyze user behavior metrics and provide actionable insight into areas of opportunity, review and approve proofs from vendors, research software options, the list goes on and on.

Hmm, so there it is in a nut shell, maybe I should just sum it up as online marketing...I'm even boring myself!


The Kennedy's said...

Good explaination! I totally understand...when I was a "Third party logistics coordinator," I got the glaze over as well. Stay at home mom is a little easier to explain!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Love the new colors shell!

I hope they pay you well for all that confusing stuff :)

melanie said...

It's weird how you can know bits and pieces, but people don't know every side of you. The worst is when they think that they do. Your lucky not to have siblings in that aspect!