Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pat on my Back

Yesterday I had my annual review at work. It came earlier than I expected so I wasn't prepared with my list of things that I wanted to say. When I went in for the review I was handed my performance sheet where I had received all 3's, the highest score. Everything that was written about me was complementary and I was speechless. My boss then went on to say that I'd been under utilized and I was being promoted to Marketing Manager! Woohoo! I had been wanting for something like this to happen for a long time but didn't expect it once it finally happened!

After my review I thought of how nice it was to get recognition and how nice it is when it's unexpected. I need to be better about giving others complements as it really does put you in a much better mood.

Today the official email went out to the other managers and executives...

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Michelle Gibilisco to Marketing Manager. Michelle's duties within the Direct to Consumer effort going forward include web marketing management and the coordination of advertising and communication activities directed toward consumers. In this capacity, Michelle will continue to report to the VP of Advertising and Communications.
Please join me in congratulating Michelle on her promotion!

So today I have received even more complements. It's been a really fun day! And now I'll be leaving for maternity leave in three weeks! This is making the weight on my hips much more bareable.



melanie said...

yipee!!! congratulations!!! that is so awesome, you need to go celebrate this weekend!

blessedwith5 said...

congrats on your promo AND maternity leave!!!

The Kennedy's said...

Way to kick butt! Getting closer to D day...whoohoo!