Monday, July 7, 2008

One Spoiled Baby

For my own records, and to prove he's spoiled, here is a list of gifts our future baby has received...

Kite baby blanket, Embroidered watermelon bibs, Homeaide fabric story book, Puma socks
~Mike's Aunt Sharon
Socks, Diapers, Bottle set, Crib, Onesies, Camo shoes ~Grandma Cella
Wash clothes, Dr. Seuss Book, Baby CD, First bear ~Mom's Friend Mel
Mommy and Daddy Onesies ~Mike's Aunt Dottie
Onesies and pants ~ Mike's Cousin Danielle
Fireman onesies, Baby book ~Mom's Friend Jeff
Car lamp ~Mom's Boss at CSI Anne
$25.00 Target Gift Card ~Mike's Hairdresser Mary
Boppy ~Mom's Friend Jen
Baby products and bibs ~Mom's summer intern Carrie
Bed sheets and blanket ~Grandma Sandy's friend Connie
Diaper bag ~Mom's Friend Haleigh
Bathrobe and onesie ~Mom's Friend Patty
Hot sling ~Mom's Friend Lexie
T-shirts, shorts, balls, sunblock and shampoo ~Mom's Friends Kristin and Alana
Onesies and pj's ~Grandma Sandy's friend Connie
Silver car bank ~Grandma Sandy's friend Karla
$40.00 gift card ~Grandma Cella's Friend Tim
Books and onesies ~Mom's Friend Sue
Changing pad cover ~Mom's Friend Kayla
Daddy's wingman onesie, hangers, receiving blankets ~Mom's Friend Stephanie
Abc blanket, stroller, car seat and car lamp ~Grandma Sandy
Silver turtle music box ~Grandma Sandy's friend Sally
Food processor, frame, organic blanket and porche onesie ~Mom's Friend Jen
Bathrobe and rattle ~Mom's Friend Audra
Blanket, frame, bibs, bottle washer ~Dad's friend Tyler
Bouncer ~Dad's friend Mike
Diaper cake ~Mom's Friends LaSonya, Lorie and Barb
Homeaide tie blanket, onesie, pj's ~Grandma Cella's Friend Jean
Diaper cake and games ~ Mike's Cousin Kerri and Great Aunt Gayle
Book, bibs, hooded towel, onesie, outfit and booties ~ Dad's 2nd Cousins Cheryl and Melanie and Great Aunt Millie
Highchair ~Mike's Nana and Nanu
Pottery barn learning blocks ~Great Aunt Lorraine
Baby monitor ~Grandma Sandy's friend Anne
Baby monitor ~Mom's Friend Gina
Race car bank, sleepsak, blanket, positioner, bibs, onesie ~Mom's Friend Trish
Lots of onesies ~Mom's Friend Emily
Boppy cover and pj's ~Mom's Friend Julie
Towels, wash clothes, stain spray, sheet saver ~Mom's Cousin Jolyn
Blanket and diaper wipes ~Mom's Great Aunt Louise
Blanket, teddy bear, onesies, socks, hat, pants ~Mom's Cousin Mel
Homeaide bib, toy, burb clothes and onesie ~Mom's Friend Leslie
Front to back rider ~Mom's cousin Ashley
Baby backpack carrier ~Mom's Aunt Sharon
Monkey blanket, bib, and towel ~Mom's Friend Rebecca
Toy, duck for tub, socks with $15.00 inside ~Mom's Second Grandma Luvina
Target Gift Card ~Mom's "Aunt" Laressa
Cash ~ Mom's Great Aunt Vada
Grooming kit and book ~Second Cousin Carole
Gift card ~Mom's Aunt Loreli
Cute pants, pj's and sweatshirt ~Mom's Aunt
Baby monitor ~Mom's Cousin Erika
Gap hat, onesie and socks ~ Mom's Friend Sarah
Cash ~Mom's Second Grandma Berdine
Cash ~ Mom's old neighbor Donna
Thermometer, stuffed dog and blanket ~ Mom's Cousin Paula
Quilt and photo album ~ Great Aunt Barb
Basket full of goodies ~ Dad's co-worker/friend Nancy
Photo album and onesie ~ Dad's co-worker Claudia
Onesies and gift card ~ Dad's co-worker Patty
Blanket, toy and onesie ~Dad's co-worker Nicole

Hope I didn't forget anyone! There is so much....thanks to everyone!

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