Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crabby Needs Comfort

To start off with, I know this is gonna be a weird blog. I'm feeling annoyed and uncomfortable and jealous!

There are several girls in my office who were/are pregnant...I'll be the last of the bunch and I'm getting crabby. I'm so excited and I can't wait for baby Gib to come. I would endure any amount of pain for him. But I can't help being crabby about it!

Starting this week I have horrible pain in my hips and I can't sleep at night. Every man I see I glare at because I know they don't truly understand being pregnant. They all say stupid things and if one more person says, "just wait, you still have a ways to go," I'm gonna scream!

Yesterday I rode to Kansas City for work and back. We left at 7:00 in the morning for a meeting and we didn't get back till 6:30. The ride back was sheer torture! I couldn't get comfortable and I was jumping around all over. Everyone thought I was having labor pains! I may have to go one more time this month, but after that, I'm done!

Today I'm going to make a concious effort to start making life more comfortable for myself. I'm going to purchase a pillow for my chair at work over lunch and tonight I'm going to the pool to take the pressure off my hips.

Friday I'll get a pedicure. I'm going to do something nice for myself for the next 38ish days! Then I get my big prize!

So, all you bloggers, give me some pregnancy feel good tips and any encouragement is appreciated.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

It's so true, the last weeks are so icky so that you're willing to do ANYTHING to get the baby out :)

The Kennedy's said...

Go get yourself a prenatal massage (if its ok with your doc, of course!) You are so close...before ya know it that little guy is going to be in your arms :)


melanie said...

The last days are the worst!! There are so many emotions and you just want to see that baby already! Being through them back to back, it's weird to say that I wish I were you. Those last days of seeing their elbows poking into your belly, only you, seemingly lasting forever, but are then gone forever. There is nothing, nothing like the miracle of holding your child for the first moments and the awe. It's like time stops. Pamper yourself girl. Shut out the world and live these last days up. Your going to be a wonderful mommy so very soon!!

melanie said...

ps shell- the diaper i was telling you about is called bum genius diapers. the girl i referred to is on this blog:
seems they are about 20 bucks too, seems good, but worth it? maybe.

Melanie Schumacher said...

You are in the final stretch hon! At night I would lay on my side & put a pillow between my legs- it took off some of the pressure. You are WAY more prepared then I was even w/ Anna (baby #2) I was painting her room the week before she was due!

2 more things that I love: jogging strollers: they handle like a dream & Wondertime magazine. LOVE IT!

gal said...

Try a pillow under your belly when you sleep on your side and behind your back. gal