Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Baby

This is my first baby Pierre. Mike bought him for me right after we were engaged. We had been to the pet store and saw Pierre, he was so cute! Mike said we couldn't have a dog until after we were married and living together and it wasn't the time. He took me over to my mom's and then said he had to go into work for awhile.

About an hour later Mike showed up with little Pierre in his arms. He had decided I needed him after all. Everyone was excited with him, even my current roommate. We played with him all day and then he fell asleep so we scooted him into his little crate. He woke up a few hours later howling like a wolf. We wanted to crate train him so we thought it best just to leave him inside crying. He went from the spare room, to the basement, to the garage and after about three hours of his crying he went into my arms and in my bed...which is pretty much where he's remained.

When I took him out of his crate he was soaking wet from his little puppy tears. I wrapped him in a towel and held him the rest of the night. Little did we know the crying was the least of his problems.

The next day we found out someone had already returned him to the pet store! Apparently he had issues with being alone. Everytime we left the house he'd do something naughty, he'd shake and cry and pee all over. He even tore up my brand new ($700.00) wooden blinds trying to look out the window.

Finally I took him into the vet and they said he had seperating anxiety. So doing what any normal person would do (yeah, right) we put him on puppy prozac. He was on this for a few months. We also decided to hell with the crate and let him sleep on our bed all day.

Now he's been really good for the last few years, until now! He has realized something is going on and has decided to leave little presents for us in the baby room. He's not happy! I'm really worried that he's gonna act up again after the baby comes.

Tonight I plan to move his little bed into the baby room and play with him and read books in there so he can get used to it and think it's fun.

People keep telling us to get ready, that our life will change forever, but let me tell ya...after we bought Pierre, it all ready did!

Wish me luck with my first born.

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

A baby will be a piece of cake now!!! Pierre cracks me up...he's so dang adorable!!!