Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby Room Decor

So, I'm working away on the baby room. Photos should come soon! I finished painting (oh, and Dr. said it's fine to paint as long as it's well vented and I don't use oil based paint.)
I painted the room a light tan color and Mike got the crib up a few months ago. He also painted his old furniture, which was also his dad's bedroom furniture. It is now white and has new knobs. Interestingly enough, we ended up spending quite a bit on new knobs, those things are expensive!
I designed the decal above and emailed it to a sign company yesterday. They will have it made out of vinyl and then I'll apply it to the wall above his bed. I was going to do his name (which no one has guessed yet) but decided I liked this instead.
I'm getting really excited now and I can't hardly wait to meet this little guy! It seems like now that I've gotten bigger the weeks are really dragging by. I have a little over ten weeks to go and the song "Final Countdown" is already playing in my head - I know I'm a dork!
Monday night Mike and I began our birthing classes. They are a little goofy, but if they make me feel a little more at ease I'm all for it. Funny, I was feeling so huge, but all the girls in my class are due about the same date and way bigger! Maybe this guy won't be as big as I thought.
I'm still feeling really great, just amazingly tired. I could sleep all day if given the opportunity, but then have a hard time sleeping at night. I keep dreaming about work! I'm swelling up a bit too, my wedding ring is getting hard to slide on, oh and my feet have grown, ugh! There are plenty of other things that have grown also, but I won't go into detail about them!


Schumacher said...

I LOOOOVE the sign. How cool!!!
If I would have designed one for my girls, it would have said "For the Love of god, GO to sleep!" Aren't I sweet. :)
The birthing classes are a TRIP. I must have blocked it all out soon after, because during everything (I didn't even have to go into labor, either time) I would tell Vance "I don't remember them telling us about this..." hee hee. Have Fun!!!!!!!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I think we need some more belly pics :)

The sign is so NEAT!

melanie said...

The sign it the cutest thing ever! Seriously, it is completely adorable! Love it. I got Barb's invite today, how fun, I am looking forward to it!! And nap nap nap, you have an excuse!!
ps: I have watched the movie. That guy was freaky in real life and so is the actor!! Scary scary. He scared me on er too. I avoid movies w him, so it was a perfect fit. I think we are going in February! Yah!