Friday, June 20, 2008

Ambition Gone, Slacker Here

This week has been a little hectic with the algebra class and work. Last night I left my office at 5:30 and flew to Elkhorn, NE to take stupid algebra. With rush hour traffic I was still about five minutes late.

Before going to class I had sat through a four hour meeting on our new direct to consumer website, how to hook up analytic tools, customer management and customer relations management. All of this was pretty deep for me and since I have to find the software solutions to all these tricky components I had to pay full attention. After the lengthy meeting my bird sized brain was burnt out! I couldn't even focus on algebra, not to mention I was starving!

At 7:15 we got our first break and I ran to the vending machine to purchase anything I could throw down my mouth before heading back into class. As I was pouring pretzles down my throat I realized I'm not just some dumb college kid who doesn't have to eat meals, I have a little man in me, and he's starving. I walked down the hall to sit in my midget sized chair and learn how to find x, but really I paid no attention, all I could think of was.... YOU MUST DROP THIS CLASS!

So, I'm dropping it. Yes, I know it's the last one, but I'm not gonna make it through alive right now. So I'll sign up during the fall and I'll get it done. In the meantime I can eat dinner at a reasonable hour, and go to bed early and not be so stressed.

Anyway, what I'm really looking for through this blog, are comments from bloggers to tell me, it's ok. I have a huge guilt cloud hanging over my head. : ) Slacker is written on my face! However, even my mom, (who has as more determination than God himself) said I should drop. So I think that means I'm in the clear!

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

You totally did the RIGHT thing!!!

dumb algebra will wait...enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy won't :)

Ummm "midget sized chair" totally made my day :)

Eat some meals and get some sleep...because trust me when I tell're gonna miss your sleep once that beautiful little boy is here :)

Love ya, shell!