Thursday, May 15, 2008

Engaged in Paris - Four Years Ago

Here we are together on the streets of Paris!

A shot of the Eiffel Tower just after being proposed to!

See the ring box in the grass!!

Me in the Eiffel Tower.

Four years ago this week, I was on a romantic trip to Paris and Rome with my husband! He got the trip for me for Christmas that year. He wrapped up two antique postcards, one from Paris and one from Rome. I wasn't sure what I received when I saw the postcards but when I dug a little deeper I saw flight information!

I figured if he was going to propose, he'd do it on this trip. So I was really nervous and excited! Just where was he going to propose, I mean it's Europe, there is a beautiful structure around every corner!

Turns out he didn't make it long. After our first night in Paris we woke up to a beautiful day and we went trotting off to see the Eiffel Tower. He seemed nervous while we were up in the tower, which made me nervous. We finally made our way down from the tower and I was thinking 'Oh my God, we were just in the Eiffel Tower and he didn't propose! Maybe he isn't going too!'

We took off away from the tower and walked through some beautiful garden, I think it was called Jardin des Tuilleries (Garden of Tulips). He told me to sit down ...and then right there while gazing up at the tower he proposed!

Above are a few photos of us together in Paris! It was the trip of a life time and a very romantic start to our future. Not many can top that proposal! I'm lucky to have had the chance to say yes to my sweet husband!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Happy Anniversary!! You're totally right...not much can top that proposal :)

melanie said...

That is the sweetest story, and I love how you guys followed it up in your wedding. Your reception was so beautiful. You guys are great for eachother!