Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blast from the Past

It was the spring of 1996, my Sr. Prom! I think the theme was something like "Kiss from a Ross." Gag, I can't believe we couldn't come up with anything better than that! To clarify, I was not on the prom committee. As you can see baby doll dresses were the in thing that year, it looks like mine was a good four inches above my knees...nice and classy! I believe I also had on four inch heels, pretty cool, yep!

I found this photo in my office last night while cleaning. It was so cute, and it has my long time friend and blog finatic Sarah in the photo so I had to post it. Weren't we cute!? Now that I'm almost seven months pregnant I'm longing for this Sr. prom body back! I may post this on my fridge after the baby comes and make it my goal to look like this again soon after. Sarah, you still look exactly the same! Explain how you do it after eating McDonald's french fries daily?


Sarah said...

I have that exact same PICTURE! AAAHHHHAAAA! So funny. I'm impressed you remembered the prom theme :)

You still look the same too! Gorgeous!!!

Schumacher said...

If I was wearing that dress it would've been down to my ankles! hee hee. You have NOT changed, that is crazy!!! Our prom theme was probably "Love thy neighbor" hee hee

Miss you!!!!!