Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Personality Irritations

Everytime I get stressed I get an allergic reaction to people, I call it a personality irritation. It's similar to a skin irritation in that it makes your skin crawl, you become frequently annoyed and aggitated, you can't sleep (and I love to sleep), your right eye starts to twitch and you want to scream. This irritation appears almost everytime I begin to get stressed out. It also runs in my family, my father has a permanent case of personality irritation and there is few people he can even be around for more than an hour. I try to keep my irritation under control and only let it magnify at the most crazy times in my life

The irritation started mildly a few weeks ago as finals week began to approach. I began to say mean things to people, not return phone calls and retreat into my own world. I became easily annoyed by the smallest conversations. Interpreting them to be something more, searching for meanness in each comment.

I kept this issue within for a few weeks, only errupting a few times, however yesterday it finally got the best of me.

It all began when I went into the Dr. yesterday for my gestational diabetes test. I drank the orange drink within the five alloted minutes and went to the Dr.'s office over my lunch break to get my finger pricked. An hour and a half later the nurse called my name, as many of you know, this test has to be done within the hour. So now I have to go back, drink the orange drink again, yada, yada, yada! Oh, and I forgot to mention they did prick my finger yesterday for no reason! I'm sure I'll get in another fight when the bill comes.

The next irritation was when I arrived back at the office. I was five minutes late to a 1:00 p.m. conference call. I had given the dial in number to others going to the meeting for chance that I might be late at the Dr. However, instead of calling in, all of them were sitting around the table just waiting for me. The irritation flared!

Okay okay, so none of this is that huge but keep in mind that all weekend I was at the school working on a final project for my Digital Art class. I clocked twenty hours on this puppy and I was feeling pretty good about it. That is until last night when we viewed the videos and mine got ripped on! Ugh! The class is very artsy fartsy and their projects were very philisophical, which means I didn't understand many of the videos. Mine was more of a memoir, which means they didn't understand mine and it wasn't artsy enough for them. In my head I was thinking 'I've become to analytical for this stuff in my old age. I can't dream anymore, I just want reality!'

Anyway, feeling hurt, I went home to hubby who consoled me. I only have a few projects left to turn in and I'll be done. I think it was just the load of taking three classes, being busy at work and oh being six months pregnant that made my personality irritation occur. It takes a few weeks to go away but soon I'll be on the mend.

How do I get myself into such overload situations? Someday I'll learn....I hope.


The Kennedy's said...

I feel your irritation on the Gestational Diabetes test..that was not very fun. I got to do the three hour test twice, so I hope that everything comes back normal for you!

Sarah said...

I think I may have that same irritation :)

I failed that dumb test EVERY time. I had to do the 3 hour blood drawing fest three times...and then everything was fine. DUMB TEST!

Anyways...I'm sure those artsy fartsy people were morons anyways ;)

PS - wish you could come to my bible study too!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be so fun.

melanie said...

me too- i have done that test so many times!!ugh- and it tastes so good.
i tagged you for a meme if you want to!!