Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Office Spring and Summer Dress Code

Today I received an email from our human resources department. I receive this e-mail every year about this time and every year I almost fall off my chair laughing. Then I go on pretending I work in the 1960's, ha!

So here's the email...

" Beginning Tuesday, April 1, 2008 and extending through the end of October 2008, the CSI dress code will allow female employees to wear dress sandals without hosiery when worn with appropriate slacks/pants, skirts or dresses.

This "without hosiery" policy does not alter the basic sandal style (dress sandal) requirement as stated in the Personnel Policy Manual. Also, as we move to warmer weather, you are encouraged to review the complete company dress code policy using the following link that specifies appropriate and inappropriate clothing items and how they are to be worn. "

Here are the complete Business Casual Guidelines Items


Cropped pants, capri pants, gouchos - No (I got called into human resources my first week here for wearing gouchos, naughty they show the ankle!)
Jeans or denim style pants, carpenter/cargo pants, overalls - No
Shorts, skorts, scooters, split skirts - No

Slacks or casual pants (must cover the ankle) - Yes
Dockers, khaki, twills, corduroy, Stirrup pants, knit pants - Yes (Who wears stirrup pants? My last pair was from sixth grade!)Must be loose fitting.
Lycra or spandex type stretch pants or leggings - No


Cropped tops, halter tops, tops with bare shoulders, sleeveless tops, tops with low cut front and/or back, tank tops - No

Knit tops, sweaters, blouses, turtlenecks, mock-t's - Yes

Polo or sport shirt with collar, dress shirt- Yes

T-shirts, sweatshirts, henley's, denim or denim style shirts, chambray, hooded sweatshirts - No
CSI embroidered logo sweatshirts only.


Athletic shoes, sport or casual sandals, flip-flops, crocs - No (However I will be wearing flip-flops when I'm nine months pregnant!)

Boots (hiking, combat) - No
Loafers, boat or deck shoes, dress boots, dress sandals - Yes
*Must be worn with hosiery or socks


Beachwear-type attire, loungewear - No
Hats, caps, headwear - No
Sport coats, blazers, suits - Yes
Suits, dresses and skirts - Yes (Knee length or below)
Sundresses -Yes (Must be worn with jacket or blouse)
Sweat clothes, wind/warm-up suits, workout clothes - No

Tailored jumpsuits/pantsuits - Yes (Because Jumpsuits are so in right now!)
Ties - Yes

*Hosiery is not required for females April - October when slacks covering the ankle or skirts/dresses (knee length or below) are worn.

Now you know my world!


Sarah said...

Sounds like the dress code to the Baptist Camp!!! AAHHHHAAAA! Jumpsuits?!? I don't think that thing has been updated since 1960 :) My condolences.

PS - Does CSI stand for crime scene investigation? :)

naomi said...

dang! you can't wear your combat boots...! they aren't missing anything huh? the bank i worked at was the same way- but with polyester uniforms too. ugh. i felt like retiring.
it was so fun to see you and your little tiny belly!! ~mel

Anonymous said...

Yeah,stupid office dress codes... I hated them. The way I look at it, there is alway "exceptions" to the rules.

I found it funny how some large chested women got away with showing their breasts, but showing your ancles is a definate NO-NO...
Who came up with these dress codes anyway... let me guess... A MAN!