Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Master Bathroom Updates

Here is the new bathroom! Mike put in a new white toilet for me too, the other was old and peach and had super gross stains.

New paint, it didn't turn out the way I wanted, Ace Hardware screwed up the mix. It's supposed to be more brown, it looks kinda purple at night. I haven't hung the photo because it's a hand-me-down and I'm not sure I want it! ha!

Mike also got me a new white mirror. You can see part of my belly in the mirror.

I got this "G" vinyl lettering from an Uppercase Living party. They have super cool stuff.

Here are the gross before photos. I had picked a dark brown color from Benjamin Moore (they have the Pottery Barn colors) way back in December. Now it is finally painted. However the Ace Hardware didn't mix the color correctly. I'm not sure if I should repaint or just forget it. I think it's gonna drive me crazy if I don't repaint it.


Sarah said...

Looks great!!! Way to go Mike, on the new toilet! Peach..yicky. I painted our living/dining room a dark taupe about a year ago...and at night, with the lights on it has a slight lavender shade to it that drives me NUTS! I need to paint it again...butI'm lazy :)

meLanie said...

i think it looks really cute, mike did a great job on the mirror too! ((but not as cute as you are going to be with a belly!!))