Monday, March 3, 2008

Even Snowmen Are Sick of Winter!

After one nice day on Saturday, followed by snow again on Sunday...this is how I feel about snowmen this is the only kind of snowman I want to see! I'm sooo sick of it! My in-laws still had a reindeer and sleigh in their backyard this weekend, it was all I could do not to kick it over! I put up all my Easter decorations, even though they have to be in snow! I know God is testing my patience with more cold and snow, I'm not doing well on this test! Happy Monday blog friends....only 28 days left in March!


Sarah said...

Snow day here...again. I am losing my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

gal said...

hey everyone - Dave saw a Robin in our tree in Shell Rock, Iowa yesterday! Spring has to be close......! gal

meLanie said...

that is so funny!! i am also so tired of winter!!! love you!~ maja