Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter's Here

So, last night I went to church with my mom. I admit, I haven't been in awhile. But I love to go on Maundy Thursday. It really puts things in perspective and it's usually the wake up call I need each year to reafirm my faith.

When my grandma Dilly passed away she made me promise to join a church and go. Right after her funeral Mike and I made a concious effort to test out churches weekly. We weren't sure what we wanted in a church as he's Catholic and I am Lutheran. Neither of us are completly devout in our denominations, so we were open to switching. We went to all kinds of churches for a few months and funny thing we ended up at St. Michael's Lutheran Church, the church we were married in. We joined and all seemed well. I joined the church choir, Mike was reading the scriptures. I was even contemplating running for the church council and little thing made me mad.

It was a stupid thing really and I know that now. I think it was this one thing and a series of little church politic type disagreements in my mind that made us give up on St. Michaels for awhile. Ok, so you're wondering, what is this thing? Well, I'm almost embarrased to say, but here goes. Each night after choir practice, the entire choir would go to what they called "wine night" at one of the members homes. I would casually mention, "I like wine," or "nope, don't have much going on after practice" but never an invite, in five months!

So of course every practice I would sit and wait for my glorious soprano lines and fume about why they were not asking me to come with them. I never did figure it out, instead we just quit going which is true Gibilisco style!

After that we continued with our series of church goings, one week Episcapalian, one week Catholic, Open Bible, United Church of Christ, yada, yada, yada. None of them met both of our expectations and now as we give thanks for the upcoming birth of our child, in true Gibilisco style, we've decided to go back to St. Michaels!

So last night, as I sat with my mom in her church (yes, it was one of the churches we didn't like) I thought about my church and what made me happy about it. I realized the church, unlike a few choir members, was always there for me. And more importantly I was able to connect with God while singing in the choir and being in that church. Most important of all, I was never turned down at communion and I was always welcome to dine with Jesus.

This was all going through my head during what is always a sad service. Where you remember that Jesus gave up his life for us. The service, no matter what church it's in, always makes me cry, to think I'm so petty to leave a church because they didn't invite me to wine night and Jesus died on the cross for me, petty, winey me! Pretty amazing.

Tomorrow I leave to go back to northeast Iowa and celebrate Easter with my family. I will miss my grandma who reminded me to go to church and had such a strong faith throughout her life. I will remember all the Easters I had with her growing up and her love for our Lord Jesus up until her last moment with us.

It's truly a pleasure to remember the ones we love on Easter. I hope you all have a great weekend!


Sarah said...

Love this one Shell. I'm sure they didn't invite you to wine night because they were intimidated by you and knew you were way too cool for them...I'm sure of it :) wine tasting night is something I can say with quite certaintly will never happen in our little church :) HA!
Seriously though...don't let people distract you from the whole point of church, its about Him, and not about them (as annoying as they may be:) AND, think of the Easter that grandma is having this year...with her savior :) Sweet.

Sarah said...

I meant "certainty" oops :)