Friday, February 29, 2008

My Friend Jeff

Wednesday night after work I came home to find a package on my doorstep! I was so excited - I never get anything in the mail! I opened to find my first baby gift, an Eric Carle baby book from my friends Jeff and Andy! It was so thoughtful of them it brought tears to my eye.
As I looked through it I thought back to all the great times with my friend Jeff. We met at DMACC and we were in the same graphic design program. That meant a lot of late night projects and spending countless hours together.
Jeff introduced himself to me by calling me "Vickie" as he noticed the tag hanging out of my Victoria Secret underwear! (By the way this was way before it was cool to hang your underwear out! They were the granny kind of VS underwear!) Of course we then became best friends.
Since college I moved to Omaha and we've been back and forth to see each other several times. A few of the most memorable are:
- Our trip to New York City (lots of stories within this trip)
- Jeff as a bridesman in my wedding
- Drinking Shamrock shots together at a dive bar in Council Bluffs on St. Patty's Day
- Going to our friend Melanies wedding and doing shots of Applecorn (Jeff it appears we like
shots) and learning to Polka
- Going to the Frat House to listen to "Pink Cadillac" (that's all I'll mention about that place, but
I'll never forget it!)
- Countless hours complaining to each other
- Big Tomato Pizza
- Jeff running into a mailbox on an icy road
- Karen's monster cookies
- Taking Melanie to the ER
- Utter's Steakhouse
- Eldora Trip
- You coming to Omaha to surprise me on my birthday
- Jed's Wedding - You had a suit, he had on black Wranglers!
- That little miniture deer at your parents house, it's so creepy!
- Highlighting your moms hair
- Watching Evita
- Breaking your karaoke virginity
- and the list could continue on and on....
So to a great friend! Thanks for making my day by sending me a sweet and thoughtful gift. I'm so glad we've stayed friends for so long and continue to stay in touch. You are one of the sweetest, coolest and most fun people I know! I'm so glad you called me "Vicky" almost ten years ago!
You'll be a great uncle!